Children Parliaments boosted my confidence in reporting cases

Children Parliaments boosted my confidence in reporting cases


My name is Mwesiga Ian from Kasambya primary school and I am 13 years old. At my school Kasambya we got a chance of holding a children Parliament which was organized by RACOBAO, the parliament empowered me to claim for my rights and for the rights of other pupils.

During the children parliament I was able to get to know some of the challenges that affect pupils at the school, homes and on their way to school such as early marriages, Nick naming and corporal punishments especially by a few teachers which I dint know that were bad acts to pupils.

At our neighbourhood there was a father who used to bit up his children when drunk, they were not given food, and gave them work instead of going to school so I went to my aunt who had a phone and I called 116 which was given to us for reporting child rights abuses and after 3 days I saw some 2 gentlemen maybe they were from the district and the pupils were saved and now the children are now enjoying their rights.

Thanks to my teachers and RACOBAO.

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