Edida is a 15 year old girl in Kempega primary school in Lyantonde district in Uganda. Edida dropped out of school because of lack of sanitary pads. Edida used to pad herself during menstruation with old torn pieces of cloth.

One time, Edida developed complications and was diagnosed with infections owing to an unhygienic menstrual cycle. The infection was so severe that Edida could not walk. She was later treated and was able to resume school. Because of the experience she had gone through, she decided to do away with the old “pads” with hope that she would time her menstrual cycle and be able to stay home.

One time, she was in class she saw her classmates making fun of her and all of a sudden broke into prolonged laughter. When she checked herself, her skirt was stained with menstrual blood.
“ It was a tragic experience, I fell down in disbelief in order to protect myself and all the boys were making fun of me; I later cried” said Edida in an emotional tone.  Pupils started making fun of her every time she went to school. “Every time I went to school, the boys had nicknamed me “hemorrhagic girl”. This was so traumatizing. I did not see any reason to remain in school” said Edida.