Amutuheirwe Patricia (5 years) disabled child currently staying with a cousin at Kaliiro A ward Lyantonde town council. Patricia was born with a physical disability (both legs folded) which could be the reason for being neglected by her father who denied responsibility on ground that he was not the rightful father. It was not until the DNA test was carried out that he promised to provide maintenance for this child but all in all he never fulfilled.

The child’s mother also decided to drop the child at her paternal grand parent (80 years) in Kabaale district. At 2 years and got married.

The poor girl could not realize proper growth and development due to the factors that restricted her socializiation . At age of 5 she could not speak and her behavior patterns were not of her age. In 2016, he was picked by a cousin Kyalisiima Eunice who is currently staying with her. She tried her level best to help this child to have medical assistance through the probation office.
The child was taken to Lyantonde hospital whereby medical examinations were carried out and later formally referred the child to CORSU. and the attendants were issued the cost (above 1 million) for the entire process which they could not manage.
After getting the cost for the entire process i.e about 1 million, they again went back to the PSWO seeking support.
The PSWO approached RACOBAO and other people for their contribution. RACOBAO through the IDF funded project contributed transport for the child and caregiver to CORSU where medical examinations were carried out and the child was given KAFO.
The girl has since then experienced physical and emotional changes ever since she received support from . She is now able to talk a bit, she sits normally and the caregiver tells that she is happy most of the time unlike before when she was so fearful and cried whenever people tried to interact with her. Thanks to the PSWO and CORSU for the support to this vulnerable child.
Strong appeal however goes to low enforcement agencies to apprehend the child’s father for neAmutuheirwe Patricia
glecting her child since he is believed to be teaching in one of the primary schools in Masaka.
(s. 4) A child has the right to stay with their parents or guardians, unless this would not be in their best interests
Duty to maintain a child (s. 5)
Every parent, guardian or any person with custody of a child has the duty to maintain that child. This duty gives a child the right to:
• Education and guidance
• Immunisation
• Adequate diet
• Medical attention
Any person who has custody of a child shall protect the child from discrimination, violence, abuse and neglect.

Contact Eunice Kyalisiima (Caregiver) on 0771410762 or 0751293125 for more details

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