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Disaster Risk Reduction and humanitarian Assistance

RACOBAO staff have benefitted a lot in hosting the 2 European Union Volunteers i.e Melina Lauscher and Georgia Temple in that they have conducted series of trainings to enhance staff and stakeholders capacity to implement Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency preparedness and Response Planning (EPRP) activities.
On the same note Prior the coming of the volun- teers, the EU Volunteer team leader together with Church of Uganda –PDR visited RACOBAO and conducted a DRR training in a training at- tended by RACOBAO staff and some district leaders including the deputy CAO and the Senior Probation and Social Welfare Officer.
RACOBAO also started the implementation of a project in Rwamwanja Refugee settlement in Kamwenge District in 2017 with support from Finn Church Aid and the Women’s Bank.

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