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Mityana District

The Mityana District is a district in the Central Region of Uganda. With support from PATH/USAID under the Advocacy for Better Health, RACOBAO advocated for quality health services in Mityana Districts focusing on availability, access and quality ofhealth services. RACOBAO strengthened the capacity of the 20 community groups that in turn advocated for increased staffing, more drugs, family
planning education etc.
As a result of the community and RACOBAO’s engagements with the duty bearers, positive changeshave been realized at the different health facilities.

  • Mityana district Council approved the communitygroups’ sustained demands to upgrade 8 Healthcentres IIs to HC III status. The district council presented a memorandum to the ministry of health.
    Mityana district local government had by the end ofthe year started on construction of Maternitywards at Namungo and Bbanda HC IIs as a precursor to upgrading them to health center III.
  • Reduced staffing gaps at health centers,
  • Increased availability of Immunization services through community outreaches,
  • Availability of Mama Kit’s e.g at Ntuusi Health center,
  • Reduced absenteeism of health workers and poor time management e.g at Kyaabi health centre III and Kyantungo Health centre IV Kalangaalo Sub County Mityana district.
  • Increased availability of all family planning and child health care services at health centers such as Magala and Manyi health centre IIIs.
  • Improved availability and quality of maternity services. Examples include Mpongo health centre II currently offering all maternity services, availability and accessibility of family planning and ANC services at St Jacinta health centre (where were not readily available and accessible due to long distance to the health centre and regular absenteeism of health workers).
  • Actions taken by duty bearers against health workers with poor conduct. Examples include the midwives who used to abuse clients at III and Mweera health centre IV in Mityana district who were transferred.

On the other hand, during 2017, the advocacy issuewhich RACOBAO in partnership with Chance forChildren had pursued overtime, was concludedafter Mityana district finally formulated an Education ordinance.

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