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Proposal Request For Conducting Consultancy To Establish The State Of Adaptation Finance In Uganda

Request for Proposal


Consultant Name, Address and Contact Date of issue: Thursday 25th January ,2024
Contract title: Conducting a Consultancy To Establish the State of Adaptation Finance in Uganda
Purchase Request ref.: RACOBAO/UG/001/2024
Closing date and time: 5th February 2024 by COB
For further information, please contact the Buyer:


Lyantonde Town – Mbarara road,
P.O.BOX 4, Lyantonde.
Tel: 0392-721324/0706385115
Please note that Quotations will be submitted either email or by hand to RACOBAO OFFICE -LYANTONDE TOWN.


Item Description Scope Delivery timeframe
1 Conducting a Consultancy to Establish the State of Adaptation Finance in Uganda Lmpsm Three (3) Months on signing Contract.

The above Services are further specified in the attached Annex 1. Terms of Reference

Dear Sir/Madam,

The service is required for Conducting an Endline Project Evaluation and intervention supported (funded) by RACOBAO.

Please find enclosed the following documents, which constitute the request for proposal

      Annex 1:    Terms of Reference
     Annex 2:     Methodology form (to be completed by the Consultant)
      Annex 3:    Proposal submission form (to be completed by the Consultant)


We appreciate your confirmation via email on the receipt of this Request for Proposal to: and your intention to submit an offer.

Note! It is not allowed to make changes to the text in this Request for Proposal and its annexes and it is strongly recommended that this document and its Annexes are read carefully. Failure to submit your offer using the Annexes provided and providing the outlined information in this document will result in disqualification from the evaluation process.

  1. General
    In submitting a proposal, the consultant accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions including annexes governing this request as the sole basis of this negotiated procedure, whatever his own conditions of services may be, which the consultant hereby waives. The Consultants are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, contract provisions and specifications contained in this Request for Proposal.
  2. Scope of services
    The services required by the Contracting Authority are described in the Terms of Reference attached in Annex 1.
    The consultant must offer the totality of the services described in the Terms of Reference. Proposals offering only part of the required services will be rejected. In filling in the Methodology form in Annex 2, the consultant shall provide comments on the Terms of Reference, an explanation of his/her strategy and approach to the execution of the Services, an outline programme of his/her activities, and a logical framework.
  3. Contractual conditions
    The terms and conditions of the consultancy contract will be entered into between the Contracting Authority and the selected consultant during signing of the contract.
  4. Cost of proposal
    The consultant shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of his proposal and the Contracting Authority will in no case be responsible or liable for these costs, regardless of the conduct or outcome of the selection process.
  5. Eligibility and qualification requirements

If required by the Contracting Authority, the Consultant which proposal is accepted shall further provide evidence satisfactory to the Contracting Authority of his/her eligibility.

  1. Exclusion from award of contract
    The service contract may not be awarded to a consultant who, during this procedure:
  • are subject to conflict of interest:
  • are guilty of misrepresentation in supplying the information required by the Contracting Authority as a condition of participation in the contract procedure or fail to supply this information:
  • perform, condone or tolerate corrupt, fraudulent, collusive or coercive practices, regardless of whether such practices can be attributed to this procedure;
  • attempt to influence the procurement committee of the Contracting Authority in the process of examination, clarification, evaluation and comparison of proposals, to obtain information on how the procedure is progressing or to influence the Contracting Authority in its decision concerning the award of the contract.
  • Exhibits previous poor performance in similar assignments with the Contracting Authority as well as a poor track record in similar assignments with Other Reputable organisations that may be proven from due
  1. Requested documents and information (Eligibility Requirements)

The consultant shall complete and submit the following documents with his proposal, in addition to ones in the TOR attached:

  1. Copy of Certificate of incorporation.
  2. Copy of a Valid trading license-2024.
  3. Certificate of registration.
  4. Consultant’s Updated CVs depicting competencies, qualifications, and experience of key personnel in a related field.
  5. At least Two (02) certificates of completion of similar assignments in the past 12 months(Note: Any additional completion certificate submitted of a related field is an added advantage).Refer to clause 12 below for additional scores.
  6. Audited accounts for the last completed year 2023.
  7. Valid Tax clearance certificate addressed to RACOBAO (TIN: 1000194823).
  8. Financial proposal

The Financial Proposal must be presented in Ugx in the Proposal Submission Form in Annex 3. The remuneration of the Consultant under the contract shall be determined as set out in article 6 of the Draft Contract.

Fee/time-based price: The Consultant shall indicate in his/her proposal:

  • His/her proposed daily fee-rate (based on an eight-hour working day) <or monthly fee rate>
  • If applicable, his comments or counterproposals on the budget for reimbursable expenses. Costs and expenses which are not mentioned in the contract shall be deemed covered by the overhead of profit included in the fees.

VAT and/or any sales tax applicable to the purchase of services shall be indicated separately in the proposal. 
As you compile your financial proposal, please note that 6% WHT will be deducted from Professional fees, unless proof of exemption is provided.

  1. Validity of proposals

Proposals shall remain valid and open for acceptance by the Contracting Authority for a period of 30 days after the closing date. The Consultant shall guarantee his availability for the assignment in his proposal.

  1. Submission of proposals and closing date:

Tenders must be received at the address mentioned below by hand not later than February 5th ,2024. Any tenders received after that time will not be considered.
Tenders/bids shall be submitted in a sealed envelope (2 copies, (01 original and 1 copy)) bearing the following information on top of the envelope:


Lyantonde Town – Mbarara road,
P.O.BOX 4, Lyantonde.
Tel: 0392-721324/0706385115


Proposal for Conducting a Consultancy to Establish the State of Adaptation Finance in Uganda.

NOT TO BE OPENED BEFORE THE tender opening session on <insert date and time>

The above applies to hand-delivered sealed bids.Whereas bids submitted via email; should be with the subject; “PROPOSAL FOR TENDER NO: RACOBAO/UG/001/2024”

  1. Planned timetable:
    The Contracting Authority reserves the right to alter the dates and time in the following timetable, in which case all tenderers will be informed in writing and a new timetable will be provided.
Timelines Date Time
Deadline for submission of tenders (closing date) 5th February,2024 05:00pm
Tender opening session, in presence of bidders. 6th February,2024 10:00am
Evaluation and contract award (estimation) 6th  to 9th February,2024 N. A
Contract start (estimated date) By 16th February,2024. N. A

All times are in the time zone of Uganda.

  1. Evaluation of Proposals and award criteria
    The evaluation/selection method will be the Quality and Cost Based Selection. A two-stage procedure shall be utilised in evaluating the proposals, a technical evaluation and a financial evaluation, in addition to administrative evaluation that ascertains whether submission regulations have been adhered to.

Proposals will then be ranked according to their combined technical (St) and financial (Sf) scores using the weights of 60% for the Technical Proposal; and 40% for the offered price.

  • Technical evaluation
  • For the comparison and evaluation of the technical proposals, the Contracting Authority shall take the following criteria into consideration, with the indicated weights:
Technical evaluation Maximum Points Candidate

Expertise of the Candidate submitting proposal
1 Candidates’ specialised knowledge and experience in the field of assignment: Atleast 5 years experience gets 20points,3-4 years gets 10 points, and below 3 years gets 5 points. 20          
2 At least three additional (03) certificates of completion of similar assignments in the past. Each additional Certificate earns 2 points.
Please note the additional certificates of completion must not be the same as the two (2) contracts required in the eligibility criteria in clause 7 above.
3 Candidates’ relevant highest qualifications of the lead person/consultant: Atleast a master’s degree in a related field as described in the TOR gets 14 points, bachelor’s degree will earn 7points,  0 points below bachelors. 14          
Sub-total Candidate and/or Organisation 40          
Technical Offer
1 The understanding of the specific tasks of the TOR to be carried out by the Lead person. Marks will be awarded according to how relevant the bidder has interpreted and proposes to take on the assignment. 10          
2 Proposed Methodology (Relevance to the assignment-02pts, Feasibility-02pts, realistic-02pts) 06          
3 The timetable and program suggested. Maximum points will be given to a consultant who submits a work schedule that is well detailed-01pt, feasible-01pt, realistic-01pt and with clarity-01pt. 04          
Sub-total Technical Offer 20          


  • Interview
    The Contracting Authority reserves the right to call to interview Consultants having submitted proposals determined to be the substantially responsive.
  • Financial proposal
    The formula for determining the financial scores shall be the following:

Sf = 40 x Fm/F, in which;

Sf is the financial score
Fm is the lowest price and
F is the price of the proposal under evaluation

 Layout of the bidder’s offer.

  1. Documents listed in clause 7 above must come first in your bid or proposal,well labelled with file separators,and in their order of precedence.
  2. Details of the information tabulated in clause 11(Evaluation criteria) particulary the Technical offer should follow eligibility requirements in clause 7.These too MUST well labelled with file separators,and in their order of precedence,to ease and fasten the evaluation process.
  3. The Financial Offer,well broken down MUST follow including all taxes applicable.Terms of Payment and Bank Account details MUST be well spelt out under this section.

Note: Each of the above a,b & c MUST consititute a section in the proposal well laid out with file seprators for easy reference.
Other proposal sections may follow in the order the bidder deems fit,as long as the main ones (a,b & c) maintain the order as specified above, and MUST appear first in your proposal..

  • Negotiations
    The Contracting Authority reserves the right to contact Consultants having submitted proposals determined to be substantially financially and technically responsive, in order to propose a negotiation of the terms of such proposals. Negotiations will not entail any substantial deviation to the terms and conditions of the Request for Proposal, but shall have the purpose obtaining from the candidates better conditions in terms of technical quality, implementation periods, payment conditions, etc.
    Negotiations may however have the purpose of reducing the scope of the services or revising other terms of the contract in order to reduce the proposed remuneration, when the proposed remunerations exceed the limits of the funds made available to the Contracting Authority by its donor/funding agency.
  • Final evaluation
    Each proposal overall score shall therefore be: (Technical score) + (Financial score).
    The Contracting Authority will award the contract to the Contractor whose proposal has been determined to be substantially responsive to the requirements of this Request for Proposal and which has obtained the highest overall score, provided that the Consultant has also been determined to fulfil the eligibility and non-exclusion criteria.
  1. Award notice and signature of contract
  2. Prior to the expiration of the period of the validity of the proposals, the Contracting Authority will notify the successful Consultant in writing that his/her proposal has been accepted. In this notification, the Contracting Authority will enclose the Contract based on the Draft Contract attached to this Request for Proposal, in which the terms of the successful proposal, together with the terms agreed during negotiations, will have been incorporated.
    Within 5 days of receipt of the Contract, the successful Consultant must sign and date the contract and return it to the Contracting Authority.
    Upon receiving the signed Contract, the Contracting Authority will notify the unsuccessful Consultant in writing of the result of the negotiated procedure.
  3. Cancellation for convenience
    The Contracting Authority may for its own convenience and without charge or liability cancel the present procedure at any stage.

Annex 1: Terms of reference
refer to the tor attached;
Annex 2: methodology

To be filled-in by the candidates, in compliance with the following instructions:


  • Any comments on the Terms of Reference of importance for the successful execution of activities, in particular its objectives and expected results, thus demonstrating the degree of understanding of the contract. Any comments contradicting the Terms of Reference or falling outside their scope will not form part of the final contract.
  • An opinion on the key issues related to the achievement of the contract objectives and expected results
  • An explanation of the risks and assumptions affecting the execution of the contract)


  • An outline of the approach proposed for contract implementation
  • A list of the proposed activities considered to be necessary to achieve the contract objectives
  • The related inputs and outputs

Timetable of activities

  • The timing, sequence and duration of the proposed activities, taking into account mobilisation time
  • The identification and timing of major milestones in execution of the contract, including an indication of how the achievement of these would be reflected in any reports, particularly those stipulated in the Terms of Reference
  • Include an Outline Programme


  • A Logical framework

Annex 3: proposal submission form

To be completed by candidates:

The Chairman Tender Committee
RACOBAO – Lyantonde Town – Mbarara road,
P.O.BOX 4, Lyantonde.
Tel: 0392-721324/0706385115
Contract Title: Conducting a Consultancy to establish the state of adaptation finance in Uganda.

                                                   RFP no.: RACOBAO/UG/001/2024

Proposal submitted by:



Telephone number:

Fax number:

E-mail address:

Date of proposal:  


Further to your Request for Proposal dated <date> for the contract in reference, I have the pleasure of submitting you the following proposal:

  1. General

In submitting this proposal, I declare to accept in full and without restriction the special and general conditions governing the RFP.

  1. Scope of services

I include my comments on the Terms of Reference, a description of my proposed strategy and approach, and an outline programme as well as a logical framework in the attached “Methodology”.

  1. Financial proposal

My proposal for remuneration of my services is as follows:                                                       

Description of Expenses Amount-Ugs
Proposed reimbursable expenses  
VAT or other professional tax on services  
<Add more rowd as deemed necessary for your budget breakdown>  


  1. Validity of proposal

I acknowledge that the terms of the present proposal shall be binding upon me until the expiration of the validity period indicated in article 9 of the RFP, and I guarantee my availability for the assignment should the Contract be awarded to me within that period.

  1. Declarations and warrantie

I hereby declare to have read the RFP provisions on eligibility, qualifications and exclusion from award of contract, and I hereby declare and warranty that (i) I am not in one of the situations listed in article 9 of the Draft Contract, (ii) I comply with all conditions in respect of child labour, forced Labour, basic social rights and mines and cluster-bombs specified in article 9 of  the Draft Contract, (iii) I am not in one of the exclusion situations mentioned in article 6 of the RFP.

  1. Information
General Information (To be filled by the candidate)
Principal area of specialization  
Years of experience in principal area of sp.  
Other areas of specialization  
Years of experience in other areas of sp.  
Years of study / degrees obtained
Academic institutions
Experience in the region of Contract  
Last three assignments in the field of the contract  
Other service contracts in hand and/or future commitments  
(indicate level on a scale from 1 to 5, for understanding, speaking and writing)
Membership in professional organizations  
Licensing Authority – licence number  


References (MUST be provided)
Name & country of customer Type of services Periods Contact person name Phone and Email


  1. Documents

Please find attached the following documents:

  1. Methodology document
  2. My CV.
  3. Include all other documents the Contracting Authority deems necessary. Refer to Clause 7 of the RFP.

Payments, if successful shall be made by bank transfer to:

Name of Payee:  
Account Number:  
Name of Bank:  
Address of Bank:  
Account name:  
Swift Code:  

(Note to the candidates: include as attachment all documents you consider especially relevant to give evidence of your qualifications – copies of language proficiency certificates will be requested only if the contract is awarded to you)

Signed & stamped by;


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