RAKAI LIVESTOCK PROJECT (funded by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)

RACOBAO works to build the resilience of communities and families affected by disease, poverty, and natural hazards such as prolonged drought. RACOBAO identifies very vulnerable households especially of PLHIV and orphans and improve their capacity to cope with their vulnerabilities using support from Children in Africa (CiA), Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), and Icelandic Church Aid (ICA). RACOBAO distributes local goats; usually under gestation that are easy to rear, multiply fast and readily available in the communities; to the affected families who can sell off the off springs in order to have an income towards meeting their basic requirements. To ensure proper management of goats, members from the beneficiary households are trained in goat management skills in partnership with the district veterinary officers in order to get maximum benefits from the goats.

RACOBAO also equips targeted HIV/AIDS affected households with skills to engage in food production through training in improved agricultural practices. In order to boost adherence to ART, RACOBAO supports the formation of kitchen gardens of highly nutritious vegetables so that they can have good nutrition and adhere to the treatment. On the same note, people living with AIDS especially those on ART are trained and equipped with skills in kitchen gardening and good agriculture practices (GAP)so that they manage the demonstration kitchen gardens for improved nutrition and increased food production to enable them adhere to the treatment.

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