Child rights and education policy awareness stimulates school performance and parents’ involvement in education

RACOBAO through the child protection project funded by IDF, popularized the children’s act and education Act in Kempega Primary school. Enrollment had declined due to unfriendly school environment yet parents were reluctant to provide scholastic materials and lunch to their children. Parents were also not supporting school development programmes. On the other hand, children were not fulfilling their responsibilities. To address the situation, corporal punishments was administered instead of positive discipline exacerbating the situation
The project raised awareness among pupils through Child Rights clubs and drama activities and also oriented teach- ers and parents on the children and education Acts so that they could each fulfill their respective roles.
Parents are now providing scholastic materials to their children, teachers have resorted to positive discipline and parents contribute lunch for their children.
Community involvement in education is also visible as demonstrated by the high turn up for school meetings and the parents’ generous contribution towards the completion of a 5 class room block.
The classroom block constructed with support from Masaka Diocese remained in semi-finished state and children were affected with jiggers, coldness since there were no window shutters and doors. When parents were sensitized on their role in education they resolved to contribute towards its completion. The parents fulfilled their commitment and all doors and shutters for that building have been fixed.
By the close of 2nd term 2017, parents expressed happiness about the changes. Nankunda Joan and other parents said that their children are performing well and they are well behaved.

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