Saduresi Kyomugisha is a 30 year old PLHIV lives in Nkoote village, Wabusana parish, Kinuka Sub County, Lyantonde district. She lives with 05 children namely; Nakakawa Sharon 14 years, Namale Sylvia 13years, Sserulye Vicent 9 years, Nansereko Maria 7 years and Nakayiwa Prosy 4 years who is a PLHIV.

Saduresi used to fall sick often but always thought it was Malaria. She was advised by a doctor to test for HIV due to her worse condition and her HIV results turned out positive. Saduresi later disclosed her HIV status to her husband who was then a long distance truck driver and requested him to also go for HIV testing which her husband refused to do and he later abandoned the family.

Saduresi and her children wereoldhousesaduresi left in a house that was almost collapsing, they couldn’t sleep because rain could fall on them and mosquitos could enter every time due to the large openings on the house which always kept the family in poor health conditions.
Saduresi was weak and couldn’t take care of all the children as well as raising money for paying school fees for them leading to their dropping out of school.
RACOBAO with local leaders of Kinuka sub-county visited Saduresi’s family to see their condition.
RACOBAO supported Saduresi’s family with a new house, kitchen, water tank, a pit latrine and domestic nonfood items that included mosquito nets, beds, blankets, jerry cans, mattresses, and basins.

Later RACOBAO supported Saduresi’s family with 03 goats, supported her to start up a kitchen garden and equipped her with goat and kitchen garden management skills. The goats produced 03 off springs from which she sold o1 to get school fees for her 02 children who by then got back to school.

Saduresi was able to manage her vegetable kitchen garden which has also improved the family’s health and standards of living because she can sell some vegetables to earn money.

Saduresi has currently been linked a Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) and she has been able to save 1000 Ug.shs per week.

“My family is now healthy! We no longer feel any coldness at night and we no longer fall sick regularly like how we used to in our old house. We have been able to take care of our goats and kitchen garden and I am happy our goats are increasing in number. I sold another goat at the beginning of this year, I added up the money I got from it with the income I got from selling some of the vegetables in my kitchen garden. Now all my children are back to school. Our standards of living have greatly improved and we can now also participate in community gatherings which we never used to do due to the fear of being laughed at. Thank you RACOBAO for every support to me and my family. We are now living a happy family again” said Saduresi.

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