Small savings boost Anitah’s family welfare

Waruhanga Anitah (26 years) is a mother of twins who joined the VSLA in Rwamwanja Refugee host community. Anitah joined Kasasa Bakyaala Kwetungula group in May 2017 after realizing that her saving culture was very poor. She had no saving scheme thus she could spend all the money she earned. She opened up 2 saving accounts of 10 shares thus started saving 10,000 weekly.
Having saved 500,000/=, she got a loan of 500,000/= from the group to boost her drug shop business. The more capital put in the drug shop increased profits thus she decided to start on her development plans.
She therefore applied for another loan of 800,000/= to get the total amount of 3,000,000/= that she need-
ed to buy 3 plots.
VSLA has contributed to her wellbeing and development since she is able to support her 2 children (the twins) in a good boarding school located in Bushenyi district, her business has expanded and her plan to start developing one of the plots is underway.
‘I Am now preparing to start constructing at least a 3 bed-room house so that I avoid the rental expenses’.
Anitah proudly shared her plan

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