The Village Savings and Loans Associations are improving people’s lives

Namboze Rosemary aged 46 yrs is a person living with HIV/AIDS taking care of 05 children. She is a VSLA member found in Nkoote village, Wabusaana parish, Kinuka sub-county in Lyantonde district. Rosemary is a hardworking lady with a positive attitude, she likes learning and discovering new things, always wished to be a good caring mother for her children but faced so many challenges including sickness and poverty.

Before the introduction of the VSLA methodology by RACOBAO for the benefit of vulnerable people in the communities, Rosemary lived in a poor house with her 05 children in which her husband abandoned her after finding out that she was HIV positive. She used to sell local beer in one of the rooms as an income generating activity. Whatever she earned was always spent on basic needs and school fees for her children. Later her poor house collapsed leading to the end of her local beer business and school for her children. She resorted to working as a casual laborer to the people in her community but all the money she could earn would be spent on basic needs. RACOBAO introduced the VSLA methodology that also targeted the HIV infected and affected households in its struggle to increase their household income. Rosemary was also reached and joined the VSLA group.

rsRosemary was able to save on a weekly basis and later came up with an idea of borrowing from the VSLA to resume her local beer business. She got loans from the VSLA which she invested in a local beer business, decoration materials and plastic chairs. The business was good and from the profits, she was able to construct her own business house in Nkoote trading centre and taking her children back to school.
“The first time I joined VSLA, I had fear that I wouldn’t be able to save on a weekly basis but from the skills and knowledge I acquired during the trainings from RACOBAO on the VSLA methodology, I confidently started saving from the little I had. Look at the investments from the VSLA. I am now a good caring mother for my children. I take this opportunity to thank RACOBAO for what I am, thank you RACOBAO, Rosemary said”.

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