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Why We Serve? “The Strategic Directions”

Why We Serve? “The Strategic Directions”

Human Rights Promotion

  • Vulnerable communities empowered to claim for their rights eg the refugees and host communities
  • Promoting justice for the most vulnerable people in the targeted Districts
  • Increasing demand and utilization of health and HIV prevention services.

Quality service expansion

  • Promoting Provision of quality education to the most vulnerable communities.
  • Empowering communities to demand for provision of quality services from the duty bearers.

Networking and collaboration

  • Increasing participation in relevant networks, forums and alliances
  • Building partnership that will foster our capacity to raise adequate funds.

Institutional development

  • Strengthening HR systems for effective service delivery.
  • Increasing internal capacity of resource mobilization among staff.
  • Building capacity of RACOBAO Board members in fundraising

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