My name is Rogbo-Bengtsson Toke and I am an EU Aid Volunteer at RACOBAO. I come from Denmark and I will be working for RACOBAO for the next 4 months until the end of February. I hold a master’s degree in disaster risk management and climate change adaptation from Lund University in Sweden. At RACOBAO I will mainly be engaged in the work on disaster risk reduction and I will, among other things, be involved in the development of contingency plans for the District of Lyantonde and public awareness of at-risk communities.
I am looking very much forward to be a part of RACOBAO’s work and I hope and expect that my stay in Lyantonde will be instructive and valuable for both RACOBAO, the communities and myself, where we will be able to share experiences and insights between each other. By doing this, it is my hope that we together can lay the foundation for a strong disaster risk reduction project here in Lyantonde, so that the population and RACOBAO will be sufficiently prepared and equipped to act in future disaster situations.

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